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Returning American Warriors

Christmas Families We Sponsor

Every Year Returning American Warriors Sponsors a family or two for Christmas. This year Jeremy Copeland was able to go with our first family and help them shop for their 4 children! "And what a humbling experience it was," Jeremy said, when they were done. It looks like they had a great time 

Christmas shopping
Christmas Shopping
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts

So our 2nd Xmas family has been sick with influenza a so we got lists and went shopping!

Formed in 2013, RAW is a 501c3 tax exempt Non-profit organization composed of Veterans and Private Citizens committed to single purpose to aid and assist Active Duty and Reserve personnel as well as Veterans of or Armed Forces and the families as their need required. And our abilities permit. We are Volunteer and neither expect nor accept any personal compensation. We "Do the Doing" strictly out of the love and compassion for our Veterans.

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